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Tom Hurndall was a peace activist and an aspiring photojournalist. His photographs, alongside his journals, bear witness to the often terrible, sometimes uplifting, events he saw and experienced while living among families in Iraq, in a refugee camp in Jordan, and in the Gaza Strip. It was there on 11 April 2003 that he was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier while attempting to rescue a child who had been pinned down by gunfire. He died nine months later in hospital in London. RIP

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DID YOU KNOW? Those little microbeads in your skin exfoliants and toothpaste are dangerous!

The plastic beads, which were recently found in alarmingly high levels in the New York waters of Lake Erie, can persist in the environment for CENTURIES and accumulate toxic chemicals on their surface, threatening fish, wildlife and public health.

A bill to ban the sale of cosmetics with these microbeads— the first of its kind in the US— will be introduced by Long Island Assemblyman Robert K. Sweeney and is backed by Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. Read more:

Please write the Assemblyman and the Attorney General thanking them for introducing such important legislation and offer them your full support!

E-mail Assemblyman Sweenwy:
E-mail Attorney General Schneiderman:

Reward offered and owners speak after two horses shot to death in Canton Township field.

A local animal group is now offering a $1,000 reward for information the leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people who shot and killed two horses in North Canton. Outraged by the act of animal cruelty, Peace for Pets announced the reward on Wednesday.

PAWS Ohio, based out of Cleveland, also asked the Humane Society of the United States to offer an additional $5,000.

On Sunday night, the horses were shot to death in a pasture off Central Avenue SE.

One of the animals, a 16-year-old Arabian-Mustang mix named “Ebony”, was a therapy horse for many years to a 19-year-old woman with severe autism and epilepsy.

Brenda Boyce, mother of the teen and owner of the horse, said she hasn’t been able to fully explain to her daughter what happened.

"She was in a world that was confusing and hard anyhow. She (Ebony) was kind of her security blanket… When we sat and tried to explain it to her yesterday, we knew it was upsetting her. She was starting to have an autistic fit," Boyce said.

The other horse, an Appaloosa named “Peaches”, belonged to a 15-year-old girl.

Boyce said that girl is also devastated and her family is trying to shelter her from some of the horrific details.

Boyce’s boyfriend, George Jones, is furious and urging people with information on the shooter to contact the Stark County Sheriff’s Department.

"I just want to say that you’re going to get caught one way or another. The police are going to catch catch you or I will," Jones said.

Bob Janson, who lives across the street from the horse field, said he heard eight gunshots Sunday night, but didn’t realize the horses had been killed until the next morning.

"I pulled out in the morning to come to work and I saw these two horses laying there and I went, ‘Oh my God, they took down two horses,’" Janson said.

The horses remained covered with tarps on Wednesday while the family searched for a veterinarian to remove possible bullets from the bodies.

Boyce said she was grateful to anonymous people who have come forward and offered to pay for vet and burial costs.

She hopes to train another horse to take over as her daughter’s therapy horse, but she wants the callous killer to understand what he took from the family.

Fighting back tears, she said, “I just hope you get caught someday because you have to have an evil heart to do this.”

Anyone with information on the horse killings should contact the Stark County Sheriff’s Office at 330-430-3800.

This is so fucking awful. I literally feel sick. 

My other love is pounding trance/progressive/deep house and flashing lights. Tomorrow shall be good. 


We asked Animal Caregiver Celeste about her special relationship with Tiny-Comb (aka Rosemary) and this is what she shared:

I’ve known Tiny-Comb for two years now and feel so honored to get as close to her as I have. She endured terror and yet her beautiful spirit still shines. After living in a cramped bare wire cage for most of her adult life, she nearly starved to death before being rescued by Animal Place. So it is no wonder that she takes awhile to warm up to people, in fact, the wonder is that she 
has warmed up to humans at all.

She has a strong personality. She is picky about friends, both chicken and human. Other chickens have large social groups that they spend time with, but Tiny-Comb is more of an introvert, liking to explore on her own and take naps on her perch whenever she likes, regardless of what everyone else is doing. 

She doesn’t run over with everyone if you bring treats into the barn, but will happily eat if you give her a private meal. She doesn’t always liked to be picked up, but whenever she has found a comfortable spot on my lap, she never wants to leave. She is the only hen I personally have ever seen chase off a rooster who was trying to make a move on her.

She is fierce and loving and resilient and amazing. I love her so much. To think that she was shoved in a cage for the unnecessary reason of humans wanting to consume her eggs breaks my heart. To think that there are almost 300 million unique individuals like her still going through that nightmare is devastating.

She is why we must continue to do the hard work that we do.

Photo by Andrea White”

-Taken from the Animal Place Facebook page.

Choose vegan for Tiny-Comb and all her sisters who are still enslaved and suffering.

Learn more about the egg industry.

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Choose Veg

I don’t think cows on little farms are treated like this

You are wrong. All dairy cows are kept pregnant over and over again - this is the only way to produce milk. Their calves are either used as dairy cows (if they are female) or killed for veal (if they are male). All calves are taken from their mothers soon after birth.

When cows are no longer producing enough milk or cannot become pregnant again (or have other health issues) they are sent to slaughter. Dairy farmers, large or small, would make no money if they kept all the male calves and spent cows. This is the dairy industry. 

No that is the non-organic, huge farm, mass production farming that happens because of overpopulation. Not little farms that make organic products and don’t mass produce

So you are trying to tell me that little farms don’t need to keep their cows pregnant to produce milk? That is biologically impossible.

And that they keep their cows for their entire lives even after they stop making money? That would make them no money. Dairy is all about money.

Please do some research. You are lying to yourself (and to others likely). All dairy farms operate in this basic manner. Some may be better run than others. Some may treat their cows a bit better. Some may keep cows with their babies just a tad longer. But what you are saying is incorrect and in no way based in fact. Where exactly are you getting your information from?

I have quite literally worked on a dairy farm (one at university when I was an animal science major for various classes, and one small organic farm when I was 12). I have seen these things first hand. I know exactly what I am talking about.

I responded on my phone above so I couldn’t add all of this before:

Six Reasons You Should Avoid Dairy

Why Organic Dairy Is Still Nasty

Humane” Dairy Products

Do people really not know how mammals work?!

It is endlessly frustrating. So many people think that cows will just produce milk, or that they will produce it constantly while having calves occasionally. I wish I could say that a lot of these people are children, or just young. But I have encountered well educated adults who still think this is true. 

So glad my great uncle did NOT treat his cows like this. He never used them for anything but pets, really. Until he sold it to their neighbor, then they used them for milk only. :/

It’s awesome that you uncle had his cattle’s best interest in mind. But you said he sold his animals to someone who used them for milk…which is certainly not in their best interest. Now if he has issues that meant he couldn’t keep them I understand. But he should have found sanctuary for them instead of sending them to a life that would most likely end up in slaughter. :/


Small Pets Are Not Toys

  • Never buy an animal on impulse. You are toying with life.
  • Store bought cages are very, very rarely large enough for your pet
  • Never give a small pet to a child as a gift.
  • Never leave a small child alone with a small pet.
  • Fish do not belong in fish bowls.
  • rabbits do not belong in cages.
  • store bought bird cages are too small for any bird larger than a finch.
  • chinchillas and rabbits live from 8 to 14 years. 
  • Some reptiles will only eat live feed. Are you prepared for that?
  • Small rodents and rabbits can die of heart attacks when scared. Do you have a quiet home for your new pet?
  • adopt when possible.


Nothing makes me more angry than people treating small birds like shit (all animals of course, but birds are close to me heart). 

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